Litigation Alternatives


Delivering outstanding services that will enhance our clients’ best interest,

preserve relationships, save time and money while reducing the risk of litigation.




Training Services

Litigation Alternatives includes:

Informal processes such as mediation, negotiation, consultation, and training that effectively resolve disputes and conflicts in the workplace, communities and in family matters.

Training and Consultation:

Businesses benefit from offering staff development opportunities in our effective communications, valuing differences and conflict preventive training. The introduction to mediation training exposes staff to the process and benefits of this alternative dispute resolution method.

What is Mediation?

In mediation, individuals in dispute voluntarily meet with a mediator. A mediator is a neutral third party person who manages the process and assists the disputants take an active role in resolving their conflict. Each side is given an opportunity to explore facts, examine feelings, and discuss possible solutions. During the process, negotiations of possible outcomes and resolutions may occur. Mediation benefits all parties involved.     


The basic principles of Mediation are:

Informal Process

Private and Confidential


Efficient Use of Resources


Creative Problem Solving

Parties Maintain Control of Outcome

Builds Long-Term Relationships

Less Costly Than Litigation

Reach Resolution Faster



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